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Life Well Balance

Pricings Starts with AED 198/session for 20 Sessions

Discover "Life-Well-Balanced," where personal transformation embraces every facet of your being. Choose from four packages offering private sessions across Dubai. Our holistic strategy integrates mind, body, and soul, focusing on comprehensive physical health—flexibility, endurance, strength, balance—and reinforced with nutritional guidance.

Body Transformation

Pricings Starts with AED 247/session for 20 Sessions

Step into a more profound dimension of wellness with "Body Transformation," an expanded offering that enriches our "Life-Well-Balanced" foundation. This superior package introduces customized nutrition plans, specific stretching routines, and individualized cardio programs, complemented by insights that can positively impact every facet of your life, including those you may overlook.

Forge your Body

Pricings Starts with AED 297/session for 20 Sessions

"Forge Your Body" is the epitome of personalized transformation, extending the "Body Transformation" experience into more immersive, two-hour sessions that delve deeper into every aspect of your wellness journey. This premier package retains all the enriching components of "Body Transformation" while doubling the time to refine each session's focus—from meticulous warm-ups and resistance training to targeted cardio and thorough cooldowns, ensuring a comprehensive and profound impact on your physical and mental fortitude.

Dare to Transform: Seize the Moment, Shape Your Future – Reserve Your Spot Today!

  • Refine Harmony: Mind, Body & Soul - Choose Best Package

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    1 hr

  • Elevate Every Aspect of Your Life - Choose Best Package

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    1 hr

  • Sculpt, Enhance, Perfect – Deepen Your Journey with Forge Your Body.

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    1 hr

  • Collective Strength for Individual Growth - Experience Group Synergy.

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    1 hr 30 min

    150 UAE dirhams
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